The methodology followed to design and produce this curriculum framework is outlined below:

Seed funding was procured from the South African Department of Science and Technology. During Phase 1 a task team was formed and through open and targeted invitations domain experts volunteered their time and expertise. Subsequently, through a process of negotiation, a methodology, target audience and scope was identified. Various themes were proposed from which core topics were acknowledged. The themes were further deconstructed to modules. In each case a rationale, an overview of possible challenges and content for consideration is included. The curriculum extends to suggest adaption and adoption strategies when implementing the curriculum in differing local contexts. Towards putting the curriculum into practice a reading list, suggested delivery and assessment strategies are provided.
Phase 2 outlines an expert review through communities of practice. Feedback will be and incorporated where relevant. This will allow for incorporation of additional reading and possibly addition of additional modules.
Phase 3 will target specific practitioner communities with a track record of applying mobile learning in formal as well as informal settings.
Phase 4 will consist of a number of regional workshops to expose the curriculum framework to regional critique and additionally create some awareness of the collaboration.
Phase 5 aims to develop sample courseware for accreditation and work towards integration instances.
As the Mobile Learning curriculum is a culmination of many inputs, it becomes increasingly important to recognise contributions. As such, all individual contributions and feedback from members of the community will be acknowledged. It is envisaged that the Mobile Learning Curriculum be published under a Creative Commons Licence that would allow reuse as long as the original is credited.
Having outlined the methodology followed to construct the Mobile Learning Curriculum, the following outlines the Monitoring and evaluation of this process.GreenZoner egypt