Target Audience

The Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework was initiated to address South African needs within an African context but has evolved with sufficient generality to be used as a template elsewhere. It is also general in terms of the target audience and level to accommodate the dynamic nature of the domain as well as the possible implementation intentions of such a curriculum. As such the bouquet of themes and modules could support:

  • Training. To facilitate the need for teachers, lecturers, NGO practitioners, trainers, etc. to meaningfully engage with some professional development in order to become knowledgeable about and/or be qualified in the field of mobile learning. As part of this professional development, considerations on how to plan and integrate mobile learning feature.
  • Assist teachers, lecturers and trainers who are, or will soon be, tasked with teaching a module or set of modules focused on ‘mobile learning’ to students; A bouquet of modules would be selected, adapted and used by the teachers to direct and structure their teaching about mobile learning. It could suggest available resources, mobile-enabled teaching and learning strategies, and possible ways to assess their students’ progress and knowledge.
  • Support teachers, lecturers, trainers and other practitioners specifically with integrating mobile ways of learning into their subject teaching; this selected bouquet of modules would be chosen to focus on integration or embedding mobile learning into current practice. For example, teachers and lecturers need to know about best practices in using mobile learning methods within their teaching of science, mathematics, literacy, etc, and how to make practical use of the tools available. Concerns on how best to design and organize a mobile-supported field trip in science, or what are the options for developing basic literacy through the use of mobile devices.