Theme 2 The Impact of Mobiles on the Economy

THEME 2: The Impact of Mobiles on the Economy

Module 2:1
The Nature of Goods and Services
Module Rationale:
One obvious priority for education is to ensure a workforce aligned to the changed economic realities at whatever level.

The mobile economy: its assets, resources, products, services; the macro and the micro; the apps economy; global redistribution, sectoral shifts;
Mobile banking, mobile health, mobile entertainment, the apps economy

  • Siemens, G. (2004) Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age. International Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning, January 2005, Volume 2 Number 1

Module 2:2
The Nature of Work and Jobs
Module Rationale:
A specific and important element of the impact of mobiles on social life and social practices in general is the impact on work and employment, where nature of jobs and economic activities are changing irrespective of the goods and services involved.
Finding a breadth of topical examples that shows the impact of mobiles on work and jobs across sectors and communities.
Getting a critical balance between utopian and dystopian positions.
The changing world of work, its structures, its practices; the transience of jobs, careers and professions, changed hierarchies and relationships
Performance support, deskilling, the day-extender
Globalisation and mobility; the global business
Learning-as-work, learning-for-work

Gayeski, D. (2002). Learning Unplugged - Using Mobile Technologies for Organisational and Performance Improvement. New York, NY, AMACON - American Management Association.

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