THEME 4: The Nature of the Technology, Systems and Devices

Module 4:1
Mobile Technology
Module Rationale:
Understanding the technologies and the economic and physical forces that shape them, clearly underpins any understanding of the social changes and the educational changes described in this curriculum
Future-proofing the content and delivery
Finding a frame of reference above gadgets and gizmos but still concrete and engaging
Ensuring delivery is inclusive, for example for girls and for non-technologists
Avoiding technological determinism, bringing in the society/technology dynamics
  • Devices: functionality, user experience, ergonomics, trends
  • Networks and infrastructure: protocols, tariffs
  • The communications ecology: other technologies and other businesses

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  • Sharples, M., & Beale, R. (2003). A technical review of mobile computational devices. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 19(3), 392-395.

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