Validation and Evaluation

This document will be evaluated and validated at various forums in the coming months, which will address the steps highlighted under phase 2,3 and 4 above (under the methodology). For the sake of transparency the experts in this field during both phases will evaluate and validate the following:
  • objectives and goals of the document;
  • determine the feasibility of the scope of this document and questions which has to be answered;
  • determine if the methodology followed as well as the process are correct;
  • resolve implementation issues, e.g. how will it be shared with Higher Education institutions and how will these institutions apply it and at what level, how will feedback from experts be applied in the document and when will it be seen as a final document (not a draft anymore);
  • identify internal (task force members) and external (HEI) resources and capacity to apply the essence of this document in their curricula; and
  • apply the work plan and timeline for this document to become a reality.

Through the evaluation and validation of this document it is crucial that these findings be disseminated and shared between internal and external experts. This will provide an important level of credibility and validity to the contents of this document.