In the near future the core team that has worked on the Mobile Learning Curriculum will provide workshops to help training departments, educational institutes and non-profit organization embed and tailor this Mobile Learning Curriculum into their existing or future curriculum. The workshops and important MLCF deadlines are mentioned in the calendar below.

If you are interested in getting personalized advice on embedding the MLCF to your needs, feel free to contact Adele Botha (lead and convenor).

Realizing the MLCF was a collaboration between many people. As such we gladly acknowledges the advice and contribution of the following people:

Adele Botha, CSIR Meraka, Principal Researcher, Future Networks and Mobile Research

Primary Authors:
Adele Botha, CSIR Meraka, Principal Researcher, Future Networks and Mobile Research
Jacqueline Batchelor: Senior Lecturer, University of Johannesburg
Inge de Waard: Elearning coordinator and researcher at Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp and researcher at Athabasca University, Canada.
John Traxler: Director of the Learning Lab and Professor of Mobile Learning at the University of Wolverhampton.

Other Contributors
Agnes Kukulska-Hulme: Professor of Learning Technology and Communication, Associate Director) in the Institute of Educational Technology, Open University, and president of the International Association for Mobile Learning.
Mike Sharples:
Dolf Steyn: Teaching and Learning with Technology at Tshwane University of Technology.
Tom Brown: Principal and General Manager, Midrand Graduate Institute. South Africa
Gloria Adedoja: Lecturer, Educational Technology, Department of Teacher Education. University of Ibadan.
Leon Kunneke: Director Cornwall Hill College.
Trudy van Wyk: e-Learning specialist, South African Department of Education and the Commonwealth of Learning.
Merryl Ford: Manager: ICT4E / mLearning. CSIR Meraka

Monitoring and Evaluation
Marlien Herselman:

Reviewers and secondary authors to be added here.GreenZoner egypt